Wakeboard Contest


Duisburg Wedau

02:00 pm


The Bricks Open 2014


The Bricks Open. The bigger – the higher – the better? Not here. Here it`s not conquering huge features, but giving your personal style a place to play. Most of the park features are made out of real concrete and can`t be moved, so we had to be creative to refine the game.

Just for the event the park setup will get pimped. Watch out for some new features straight from the Bricks crews sketchbook like kicker to A-Frame, polejams or closeouts. The Bricks Open wants you to focus on the versatility and creativity of wakeboarding, which means completely composed lines on rails kickers and inverts.


A standard wakeboard event didn`t really match our idea of a wakeboard contest - so we developed something else. TBO will neither be an invitational nor will there be different categories. The Bricks Open is "open" - there will be only one category of 40 riders on the list. Watch out for the sign-in time, it will be announced soon.


Some German top riders, like Steffen Vollert and Frederic von Osten have already stated their participation, no chance to miss out on that. Same for Red Bull team rider Felix Georgii: "I just loved the park at the Bricks right away when I first saw it. What those folks nailed down with their concrete features, but also with the rest of the UNIT Parktech setup is a real statement - I love to ride there. If they even change the setup just for the event, I`m sure we`re gonna see lines, that haven`t been done on a cable contest before - I`m just thrilled."


The comp itself will be held in a new head-to-head format. And you can`t win anything but glory. So there will be no motivation for you but sharing your creativity with the rest of the pack. Just be sure to enter August, the 24th to your not-to-miss-list, no matter whether you take part or just watch. The admission for spectators is free.







Sorry the registration is already closed. If you have any questions, please contact our riders manager Kai Kissmann:




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